WP7 Dissemination, exploitation and community building

The VOICES dissemination and use strategy is a combination of consortium-wide and partner specific responsibilities and actions. Its major elements are the following:

(a)    For external information and promotion purposes by the consortium to the public at large, the above general summary of the VOICES concept and objectives have been laid down in a project slide presentation, a project brochure and this project website mvoices.eu.

(b)    “Spreading the word”: Developing and deploying innovative voice technologies in an African setting, (i) providing open and wider access to content and mobile ICT services, (ii) integration of local community radios and ICTs, (iii) better support of local languages, requires special efforts to explain the general trends, challenges and issues in the area, and to transfer cross-disciplinary expert knowledge between separate technical and non-technical fields.

(c)    For the research and university partners in VOICES, the focus of dissemination and use is to strengthen collaboration through practically relevant research results, publicize these professionally, and do so at a large scale wherever possible, and provide new contributions to academic and executive education and expert human resource development.

(d)    For the consortium as a whole, an active policy is followed towards community building activities, uptake and local adoption of the VOICES tools and methods beyond the project lifespan, consortium partners and countries involved, as to ensure exploitation of the results and long-term sustainability.

A project slide presentation, this website mvoices.eu will be maintained and updated during the project. “Spreading the word” is furthermore catered for by our substantial activity in external talks, presentations and PR.

In addition to these consortium-wide dissemination actions, each individual partner is concerned with dissemination to and use by specific target groups.