The Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (CRS4) is an interdisciplinary applied research centre based in Pula, Italy. The centre develops and applies innovative solutions across a broad range of important areas by leveraging its key strengths in several scientific and technological disciplines. CRS4 areas of interest include Advanced Computing and Communications, Energy and Environment, Bioinformatics, Renewable Energies and Information and Communications Technology. These areas encompass large-scale computational problems that require application of advanced simulation techniques supported by High Performance Computing and the timely integration of newly emerging Information and Communications Technology. The focus is on problems stemming from natural, social and industrial environments. The aim is the development and analysis of appropriate mathematical models, their numerical solution by advanced algorithms and innovative software tools for programming and visualization, as well as the validation and assessment of results based on benchmark problems.

In the field of ICT, CRS4 is doing research and development in mobile learning, wireless broadband communications, software and computing technologies, distributed applications, digital media technologies, digital asset management, video content delivery, semantic web and knowledge management.

CRS4 will work on the definition, design and development of the key components of the multichannel platform for community radio and mobile services (WP2). CRS4 will also work on the design of training programmes (WP6) and on the dissemination of the project activities.