CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

CSIR facilitates national economic and social development through human capital development and needs-based research and innovation, leading to products and services based on Information and Communication Technology. The Institute supports regional initiatives under the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), collaborating with ICT organisations through staff and student exchange, and the establishment of co-operative programmes. In addition, CSIR leverages international science and technology collaboration and establishes global links to international programmes to contribute to and take advantage of international efforts in redressing the Digital Divide.

CSIR addresses three critical areas: Human capital development in ICT (Information Communication Technologies) forms a critical thread throughout the Institute's activities and ensuring continued development, growth and sustainability. Second, the innovation in ICT leading to applications that address development challenges facing South Africa, the Continent and the developing world thereby directly contributing to addressing the challenges faced by the second economy. Third, advanced technical research enabling indigenous ICT leadership, through a critical mass of high quality research and development.

CSIR will participate in the development of speech technologies (WP3) and the assessment of user experiences during the pilot projects.