Fondation Mérieux

Based in Lyon, France, Fondation Mérieux (FMX) is an independent family foundation set up by Dr Charles Mérieux, in 1967 with official charitable status awarded in 1976. Fondation Mérieux' mission is to strengthen local capacities in developing countries to reduce the impact of infectious diseases on the most vulnerable. FMX is established across the world at the heart of infectious outbreaks. In each of its fields of activity, it brings together and mobilizes the world's top doctors, pharmacists, researchers, and specialists in infectious diseases, vaccinology, and epidemiology. It runs projects that contribute to developing and strengthening the capacity of local governments in public health matters. It is setting up its own aid projects in developing countries and has local and international public and private partners, or it is integrating itself into already existing programs and providing them with its financial, material and human support.

It has four areas of action:

1. Health infrastructures strengthening, 2. Training and knowledge sharing, 3. Applied research and 4. Patients' support.

In the project, FMX will be in charge of the implementation in Senegal of the VOICES m-health pilot (WP4).