Portugal Telecom Inovação

PT Inovaçao S.A. (PTIN) is the branch for innovation in telecommunications within the Portugal Telecom Group (PT Group). Portugal Telecom is a global telecommunications operator. It is the national leader in every sector where it operates. Portugal Telecom's international footprint spreads to countries like Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Timor, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, China, S. Tomé and Principe and Namibia.

PTIN was created in May, 1999 and is fully owned and operated by PT Group. Headquartered in Aveiro, it also operates regional poles in Oporto and Lisbon. In Latin America, the company has a subsidiary in Sao Paulo and a software development center in Salvador, both in Brazil. In Africa, PTIN has a subsidiary company in Luanda, Angola, and more recently in Casablanca, Marocco. PTIN is the Group's technology anchor through the development of innovative solutions and services that make it a market leader, both in Portugal and abroad. PTIN promotes R&D cooperation and is proud of its privileged partnership relations with the major universities and innovation centres both national and international. It relies on a workforce of over 400, most of whom are engineers with an average age of 37, graduated in telecommunications and computer science.

Besides demonstrating the high capability of its engineering team, this active stance also accounts for the significant participation of PTIN in R&D programmes at both National and European levels such has the CIENCIA, COST, RACE, ACTS, FP5, FP6, ORA, CTS, CELTIC, ESPRIT and EURESCOM programmes.

In the project, PTIN will contribute to the establishment of a sustainable architecture and for the delivery of the technical platform. PTIN will also participate in the Mobile Training Lab, and will be involved in the dissemination process, specially to other regional areas in Africa, namely Mozambique and Angola.