Speech Technology for Under-Resourced Languages by Etienne Barnard

August 15th 2011: co-chair of a special session on “Speech Technology for Under-Resourced Languages” at the annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association - Interspeech 2011. Etienne Barnard (NWU).
* Type of Activity: Talk at conference
* Target group aimed: Academic community,ICT4D community
* Conference :
o Interspeech 2011
o http://www.interspeech2011.org/
o Audience size: 100 delegates
o Place of the event: Florence, Italy
o Focus: Annual conference on speech science and technology
* Summary of the activity: Chairmanship of special session on speech technology
* Expected Impact: Awareness raising on challenges and opportunities within Speech Technology for Under-Resourced Languages
* Summary of the output: links with research community strengthened and new links established