Sahel Eco

Sahel ECO is a Malian non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 2004 by the transformation of the Mali Country Programme of SOS Sahel International UK into an independent national structure. The mission of Sahel Eco is to work with people in Mali and in other countries in West Africa, to improve and secure their livelihoods through better management of the environment. Strategic objectives for the current planning period are 1) improved environmental governance through support for the co-management of water, forest and pastoral resources by local communities, municipalities and state services and 2) more diverse and secure rural livelihoods through the development of small and medium agro-pastoral and forest enterprises and investments in appropriate infrastructure. Sahel Eco has 28 full time employees and offices in Bamako, Mopti, Bankass and Tominian. Technical and financial partners in 2010 include VU Amsterdam (Sahel Regreening Initative - Mali), Tree Aid, IIED, CARE Mali and the FAO.

In the project, Sahel Eco is host/organizer of the m-agro knowledge sharing WP5 pilot:

  • Input to development of use cases and scenarios
  • Hosting and coordinating Pilot cycles 1 and 2 in Mali (Agriculture)
  • Contribution to assessments of Pilot cycles 1 and 2
  • Input to final conference (Africa)