VU University Amsterdam - Network Institute

VU University Amsterdam (VUA) was established in 1880. VUA consists of twelve faculties, eleven research institutes, and has 20,000 students. Research at VUA covers a wide range of fields that often cut across disciplinary boundaries. VUA aims to be inspiring, innovative and involved and stands for high quality, fundamental, innovative and socially oriented research and education.

The Network Institute is one of VUA's interdisciplinary research institutes. The Network Institute's mission is to come to a better scientific understanding of the emerging networked world in all its technological, economic and social aspects, and to help advance its proper development.

The Centre for International Cooperation (CIS/VUA) is VUA's window on the developing world. VUA strongly believes that academic endeavour is more valuable when it makes a contribution to the world. CIS has a special place within the university, being an interfaculty centre connecting the VUA with the developing world.

VUA will be in charge of the m-agro knowledge sharing pilot of WP5 and of the dissemination in WP7. VUA will also contribute to the overall architecture and sustainable business models (WP1) and will contribute to the activities related to mobile training (WP6).