Conférences, événements et présentations


January 27, 2012: Guest lecture Sustainable Land Management Course, at the VUA Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Amsterdam. The VOICES project and ICTs for Social Development in Africa. By Anna Bon (VUA).


January 2011: Visit and presentation on speech technology in VOICES at Université Gaston Bergé in Saint-Louis, Senegal, Etienne Barnard (NWU).

March 28th 2011: presentation on “The Lwazi Community Communication Service: Design and Piloting of a Voice-based Information Service” at the International World Wide Web Conference, Hyderabad, India. Etienne Barnard (NWU).

March 29th 2011 Presentation of VOICES project in Dakar, Senegal by Franco Papeschi (WF).

April 6th – 8th 2011: The  International  eHEALTH, Telemedicine & Health  ICT Forum, at  Medetel Luxembourg, Presentation of VOICES Project.

May 5th 2011 – VOICES- W4RA presented at Web Science Symposium, Tsighua University, Shenzen, China, by Hans Akkermans (VUA).

May 10th, 2011: VOICES WP-5 poster presentation at the 130 Year VU University Amsterdam Network Institute Symposium, Amsterdam, Hans Akkermans and Anna Bon (VUA).

May 13th 2011: VOICES presented at the IST-Africa Conference, in Gaborone, Botswana. By Stéphane Boyera (WF), project manager of VOICES.

May, 27th 2011: VOICES project presentation at the coordination meeting of the National Network of National Laboratories (RNL), Dakar, Senegal. ESMT.

June 4th – 5th 2011: W3C Workshop “Mobile and Web Technologies in Social and Economic Development”, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, W3C.

June 4th  2011: Organisation of a Web Foundation Workshop for Mobile and Web Technologies for Social and Economic Development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, presented by Nana Baah Gyan (VUA).

June 4th 2011: presentation on “Language technology for help lines: a case study”, at the
Web Foundation Workshop on Mobile and Web Technologies for Social and Economic Development, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Etienne Barnard (NWU) and Aman Grewal (WF).

June 4th  2011 Poster presentation VOICES - WP5 at the Workshop for Mobile and Web Technologies for for Social and Economic Development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nana Baah Gyan (VUA).

June 4th 2011: Presentation of the role of VOICES in Regreening initiatives in West-Africa at the Workshop for Mobile and Web Technologies for for Social and Economic Development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mary Allen (Sahel Eco).

June 14th -15th 2011: Presentation: “Web Mobile: Bonnes Pratiques de Conception et Développement” (“Mobile Web: Best Practices for Design and Development), at  “Formation des formateurs sur le Web Mobile et les applications Web mobiles” (Training the trainers on Mobile Web and Mobile Web Applications), Dakar, Sénégal.  Francois Daoust (W3C).

June 17th 2011: paper presentation: “Is (Web) Science Ready for Empowerment?” including the VOICES project presentation at the ACM Web Science Conference in Koblenz, Germany, by Hans Akkermans (VUA).

June 2011:  Presentation of the VOICES project at the Steering committee of the international network of national laboratories in Mali (Réseau National des Laboratoires RNL). Countries represented were Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Niger (France Telecom, Fondation Mérieux).

August 4th 2011 VOICES presented at the ICeND 2011 - The First International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,by  Christophe Guéret (VUA).

August 11th  2011: VOICES presented at Speechtek in New York, Speech for the Developing World session, Stéphane Boyera (WF)  Event site: blog post:

August 15th 2011: co-chair of a special session on “Speech Technology for Under-Resourced Languages” at the annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association - Interspeech 2011, Florence, Italy. Etienne Barnard (NWU).

August 2011: Mobile for Education for Development (M4ed4Dev) USAID Workshop, Washington DC, USA, Stéphane Boyera, participation.

September 1st 2011: in The Hague VOICES project presented at WOTRO Conference Incentives Matter! Hans Akkermans (VUA).

September 15th 2011: Project presentation at the European Association for International Education Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, Hans Akkermans (VUA).
http:// /HansA-VOICES_Presentation_Copenhagen-15Sep2011-handout.pdf

September 22nd 2011: e-Business Innovation Course W4RA-VOICES guest lectures, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. By Hans Akkermans.
http:// /HansA-eBiz_Innovation-GuestLectures-22Sep2011-handout.pdf

October 3rd 2011: presentation of the VOICES project at the Servant Leadership in Cyberspace Conference at VU University Amsterdam organized by the Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership Foundation, SLCRE; by Chris van Aart (VUA).

October 10th 2011: W4RA-VOICES presented at WAI (Weekly Artificial Intelligence) at VU University Amsterdam, Victor de Boer (VUA). Victor de Boer_sept_2011.pdf

October 23th – 28th 2011: Participation at the ICANN Meeting, Dakar, Senegal, by Franco Papeschi (WF).

October 27th 2011: Presentation of VOICES project and paper “Is data sharing a privilege of a few? Bringing Linked Data to those without the Web” presented at the International Semantic Web Conference, in Bonn, Germany by Stefan Schlobach (VUA).

November 5th 2011:  poster presentation at the Netherlands Association for African Studies Symposium, Berg en Dal, Netherlands, Wendelien Tuyp (VUA).

November 14th - 15th 2011: presentation at the 4th Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research in Cape Town, South-Africa, TNO.

November 18th 2011: demonstration of the VOICES Project at the Orange Expo in Uganda, FT.
November 22nd   2011:   participation and demonstration of the VOICes project at the annual SISIT “ Salon de l'Innovation et des Solutions IT” organised by  Orange Business Service.  
November 30th 2011: Servant Leadership Symposium, Bussum, The Netherlands, Poster presentation, Wendelien Tuyp.

December 2nd 2011: 30 Years of Informatics Education in Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, organized by UvA and VU University. Poster presentation of VOICES by VUA.

December 6th 2011: Toolkit for sustainable impact” Seminar on practical solutions to increase sustainability in NICHE projects, organized by the Platform for International Education and NUFFIC, The Hague, The Netherlands. Presentation of the VOICES WP5 film, Anna Bon.

December 15th 2011: keynote: “Mobile Technologies, Education and Socio-Economic Development” at the m-Learning Week, Unesco Conference, Paris, France, Stéphane Boyera (WF).

December 19th 2011: VOICES project and documentary presented at Semantic Web Meeting, Intertain Lab, VUA, Amsterdam by Anna Bon and Hans Akkermans (VUA).