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WP4 m-Health Knowledge sharing pilot


The goal of this work package is to initiate, in Senegal, the sustainable architecture designed in WP1, through a 2-cycle process enabling both the early exploitation of results from other WPs and the establishment of a feedback loop beneficial to the whole project.

WP3 Speech Technologies

The main objectives of this work package are to create a general approach to developing useable speech technologies in a cost-efficient way, and to employ this approach to develop specific language technologies for the pilot projects being undertaken within the current project (Wolof). We will also assess user experiences and user acceptance of interface technologies during the pilot trials. Lessons learnt during this process will be used to provide inputs to international standards bodies on speech technology.

WP2 Voice Platform and Toolbox

The objectives of this work package are to define the technical architecture of the platform functionally defined in WP1, to develop and integrate all of the components, and to deliver the platform for direct implementation by WP4 and WP5.

WP1 Business Models and Sustainable Architecture

The objective of Work Package 1 is to ensure coherency and sustainability of the different elements developed in VOICES by evaluating in their impact in the course of the project.

WP5 m-agro pilot content

The objective of WP5 is to demonstrate through an extensive local pilot and through local community building activities focused on Mali and surrounding Sahel countries that the results of WP1, WP2 and WP3 can be adapted and adopted within a local African context.

Radio Marché Service ready for deployment in Mali in November 2011

The Radio Marché Service will help farmers in Mali to broadcast their offerings of produces like sheabutter and honey on the local radio using innovative Voice Technologies. The Radio Marché Service marks the first phase of the pilot of the VOICES-W4RA project. It is now going to be deployed in Mali, next week (13-19 November 2011).

Two award winning papers by VU University team at ISWC 2011

Two papers by members of the VU University team were awarded at the International Semantic Web Conference 2011, held at Bonn, Germany, 25-27 October 2011. The VU won the two awards in the special track on "Outrageous Ideas".

ICeND 2011: The First International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development


A presentation by Christophe Gueret at ICeND conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania about Semantic XO. View it on slideshare.