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Is (Web) Science Ready for Empowerment?


17 June, This morning Hans Akkermans presented this latest paper on the ACM Web Science Conference in Koblenz, Germany.
The paper presents a new approach to science in which the W4Ra project is used as an example of a research project that follows this approach.
The presentation was attended by about 150 researchers, mainly from EU, US, South-Korea and Brazil.
" A great presentation..." was the general remark by the audience.


Launch of the new VOICES Web Site

We are very happy to announce the launch of the VOICES website. This is only the very first step, and this site will evolved in the next few months.

For now, this is only a static site that provides minimal information about the VOICES project. In the future, we will enrich it and have more dynamic capabilities, such as a blog, a voice-based access, photo and video galleries, etc. So stay tuned !