There are two pilots in the VOICES project

m-agri pilot: the voice technologies are deployed in rural areas in Mali. This is done through Work Package 5. VUA is Work Package leader. Web Foundation and Sahel Eco participate in this pilot.

m-health pilot:  the voice technologies are deployed as a pilot for support of health organizations in Senegal. France Telecom is Work Package leader. ESMT, Fondation Mérieux participate in this pilot.

The target groups of the VOICES m-Agro Knowledge Sharing Pilot (WP5) are:
•    Rural communities in Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana. 
•    ICT entrepreneurs, web developers, especially in African countries.
•    Local community radio stations in Sahel countries.
•    Farmer organizations in Mali, Burkina Faso and northern Ghana.
•    NGOs that actively support and promote regreening initiatives in rural areas in Africa.

•    The aim of WP4 is to interconnect, through mobile data and speech technology services, the care site with the laboratories epidemiological site in Senegal. This will ensure a better and quicker transmission of information from the field, and a faster identification of infectious disease outbreaks. Another objective is to develop mobile Training and M-Information services. For this the new concept of voice and multimodal services will be used.